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woo141Welcome to Living In Wooville: DIY by a tree hugging, money saving, suburban survivalist mom (and other life adventures).

After repeated suggestions/requests to either write a book (haha) or start a blog, I decided to start a blog. I then realized it is a way to capture my essence, which is both fun (for me) and frightening (for you). I believe I have just a touch of ADD, which means you just never know what may happen next. It could involve DIY ways to save money, power tools, kids, butter, paint, baking, or pest control. Really, just day-to-day normal-ish stuff, told from my perspective (which is partially warped), and sprinkled with humor–it’s my survival mode.

Wooville was established quickly in 2008 when I, Melody, married Justin Woo.  We subsequently spent the next 5+ years pregnant, breastfeeding, changing (cloth) diapers, and barely hanging on to our sanity. So, now that the boys are 5 and 3, the baby/toddler fog is lifting. I hope to share some of the day to day randomness that happens in and around Wooville, as well as some of the child-related happenings that no one tells you about.

Above is our “frame worthy” family photo.

This is the “real life” photo of what it took to get there.

And I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I hope you enjoy my therapy.  :)

Keep on keeping on…



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  1. Larry Westhusing

    This should be good!


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