DIY Cleaning Products: Multipurpose Cleaner

I just read that the average monthly spending on household cleaners is $42.  Forty-two dollars per month. $504 per year. OMG. That is incredible–and it also makes for an easy way to save a ton of money–DIY cleaning products!!!

Since I started making what I call Awesome Sauce, I haven’t bought commercial cleaning products for several years. Not only does it save money (costs around $1 per 32 oz bottle refill), but it also keeps unneeded chemicals out of the house–I seriously love this easy green cleaning recipe.  I just mix up a large batch in a gallon jug and have it ready for refills.

I use Awesome Sauce for just about everything–bathrooms (it destroys soap scum), the kitchen, hardwood floors, and I even spray it on a dust cloth and dust the house with it. I can make an entire gallon of Awesome Sauce for about $4.00. So, even if I use a 1/2 gallon per month, that cuts my annual costs down to $24 plus a little extra for the other items I make and use occasionally (that I will post later). I do have a furniture polish recipe that I use sparingly, I use dish soap in the toilets, Awesome glASS Sauce for windows/mirrors/stainless steel, and a little bit of bleach to make a disinfecting surface spray for doorknobs and such in the winter months. So, worst case scenario, I probably spend the average monthly cost of $42 in an entire year!!! 

The only thing Awesome Sauce isn’t great for is glass and windows–the essential oils in it can cause some streaking, although I’m efficient lazy enough that I’ve found that strategic wipes with a dry cloth can remove those.  However, Awesome glASS Sauce solves that problem (and it’s only like $0.50 per 32 bottle). I have made an even tougher version, Orange You Awesome Sauce, that is great for bathrooms.

If you are just wanting to experiment with making your own cleaning products–life will not end if you skip the essential oil addition and just give it a try with the water, vinegar, and soap. Trust me, you will still be very pleased. And then you will buy essential oils the next time. :)

More info on average spending here.  And, here is the recipe…..

THE RECIPE: Awesome Sauce
32 oz Spray Bottle

3/4 tsp tea tree oil
1/4 tsp essential oil of choice
2 cups water
2 cups white vinegar
4 tsp gentle dish soap

1. Mix together in a 32 oz refillable bottle.  You can usually find these in the garden section or with the mops in the cleaning section of the store.


THE RECIPE: Awesome Sauce
1 Gallon Refill

3 tsp tea tree oil
1 tsp essential oil of choice (for scent purposes, really)
8 cups water
8 cups white vinegar
1/3 cup gentle dish soap

1. Mix together in a gallon jug.  I like the kind the vinegar comes in.


Do not mix vinegar with bleach–it will release chlorine vapors, which could burn your eyes.

Tea Tree Oil


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