DIY Cleaning Product Recipes

DIY Cleaning Products: Lavender Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet. It keeps your feet warm in the winter and makes a good place to sit and play with Legos. Problem is, it also captures every last thing that is dropped, spilled, or sprayed near it (and hides the previously mentioned Legos so they feel like shards of glass when you step on them). And unless your full time job is shampooing carpet, you need a quick little way to freshen it up. Baking soda is your answer. (more…)

DIY Cleaning Products: Foaming Hand Soap

This is a DIY cleaning product recipe that can definitely save you some $$$. Foaming hand soap is the more environmentally friendly way to wash your hands since it uses less actual soap and also less running water to rinse your clean hands off. So, it’s a win:win. (more…)

DIY Lemon Oil Dusting Spray

I need to apologize to my wood furniture. This one time, I made this awesome, nourishing, lemon and oil concoction. It made the wood happy, gave it a nice shine and left it with some much needed hydration. Then I used it all. And I didn’t make more. Why not? I blame my children. They were (adorable) babies, 26 months apart. I was tired effing exhausted. Dusting was not even on my list of things to do, so why would I need lemon oil dusting spray??? Truth is, I didn’t. LOL (more…)

DIY Cleaning Products: Glass Cleaner

I had not really looked at the ingredients in commercial glass cleaner until now–and it has been one of the most eye opening ones to date. I mean, we are talking about cleaning windows and mirrors—not the outside of the international space station. Sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonate is a wetting agent—so is water not wet enough??? I’m so confused!!! (more…)

DIY Reed Diffuser

After removing so many artificial chemicals from Wooville, I realized that I missed air fresheners and wall plug types of products–which may have been because of the 2 little boys in the house (they don’t always smell like a spring breeze). Anyway, there are several types of electric essential oil diffusers out there, but I’m not convinced that I want to deal with another humidifier (because that’s basically what they are). So, that’s when I made Body & Linen Spray and experimented with ways to diffuse essential oils. To me, the easiest ways to freshen the air (short of doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, insert blank stare here) are sprays and reed diffusers!!!  (more…)

DIY Cleaning Products: Bathroom Cleaner

When we decided to start a family, I remember spraying down the shower with commercial cleaners, feeling light headed, thinking “what in the hell am I inhaling?”. I would turn the fan on, open a window, anything to air the place out. It was at that time that I knew holding my breath while cleaning and wearing rubber gloves was simply not the best way to avoid exposure to the laundry list of chemicals in standard household cleaners. That is when the purge began and our kitchen became a makeshift lab. (more…)

DIY Cleaning Products: Citrus Vinegar

Making citrus vinegar will make you a better person (not really). But, it will make an excellent base for DIY cleaning products!!! Citrus fruit peels contain a natural solvent, Limonene. It is used in a wide range of products like cosmetics, flavorings, solvents, paint strippers, and air fresheners. For cleaning product purposes, you can make your own at home with leftover citrus peels and white vinegar. Use whatever you have–lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, etc. (more…)

DIY Produce Wash

Here’s another DIY cleaning product to save money! Produce wash. Not completely necessary, but it does give you a sense of comfort knowing you at least tried to remove some pesticides, fungus, or bacteria hiding on the surface. Manufacturers know this, and that’s why it can easily cost $5-10 per bottle. You can make your own for less than $1. (more…)

DIY Body & Linen Spray

A popular bath and body store sells 4 ounces of Lavender Vanilla body spray for $15.00. You can make your own body & linen spray for less than $1.00, unless you need to buy a bottle, then it may cost you $2.00. :) I use this as my perfume and as a linen spray for my pillow at night. I have also made different scents for air fresheners in the bathroom and boys’ bedrooms.

So, why bother making your own, aside from the crazy savings? Because you know what is in it….and what isn’t in it. (more…)

DIY Cleaning Products: Multipurpose Cleaner

I just read that the average monthly spending on household cleaners is $42.  Forty-two dollars per month. $504 per year. OMG. That is incredible–and it also makes for an easy way to save a ton of money–DIY cleaning products!!!

Since I started making what I call Awesome Sauce, I haven’t bought commercial cleaning products for several years. Not only does it save money (costs around $1 per 32 oz bottle refill), but it also keeps unneeded chemicals out of the house–I seriously love this easy green cleaning recipe.  I just mix up a large batch in a gallon jug and have it ready for refills. (more…)