Saving $

SavingStar–one more way to save money!!!

Just breaking the summer silence with a quick update. I am still doing things for the blog, but will start posting them again when I can’t get outside to burn off my extra energy. :)

Savings to date: $35.06!!!

My most recent redemptions:
07/23/2015 Price Chopper KS Old El Paso® $1.00
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS BUSH’S® Beans $3.00
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS HEALTHY OFFER: Tomatoes $0.32
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS Yoplait® Greek $1.00
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS FREEBIE: 3 – 4 oz. Ben & Jerry’s® Mini Cup $1.39

In December 2014, I downloaded the SavingStar app on my phone, and uploaded my first receipt.  I go through spurts for utilizing the app as well as I could, but even for a less than dedicated effort, I’m inching toward $40 in savings!!! (more…)

Why I love ALDI

I remember thinking ALDI was a weird little second rate grocery store. I didn’t understand it and their fresh produce section scared the hell out of me–it was a hot mess. Fast forward to now. (more…)

Saving $750 In 5 Months: Coupons, Rebates, Discounts, Sale Ads

couponsAdmittedly, I am somewhat anal retentive in my natural state (but that has become less obvious since having kids). I like spreadsheets. I use spreadsheets at home, not just work. A lot. But, it’s because they provide lots of good information if used correctly. For example, I track my coupon savings on them. I expanded it in October 2014 to include savings from sales ads, mail in or instant rebates, and any store coupons/discounts so I could really get an idea of money saved by leveraging these opportunities. Actually tracking what we are saving has been eye opening!!!

My total in 5 months? $748.25. And that is without trying all that hard–I know there are a few things I even forgot to record (this pains me).  (more…)