DIY Cleaning Products: Lavender Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet. It keeps your feet warm in the winter and makes a good place to sit and play with Legos. Problem is, it also captures every last thing that is dropped, spilled, or sprayed near it (and hides the previously mentioned Legos so they feel like shards of glass when you step on them). And unless your full time job is shampooing carpet, you need a quick little way to freshen it up. Baking soda is your answer.

carpet deodorizerBaking soda acts as a buffer and neutralizes odors. This is a good thing if you have kids and/or pets. I remember how clean my house was before kids. I don’t even recall feeling the need to deodorize the carpet because it smelled like rose petals and butterflies. I don’t even know what that means….I’ve clearly drifted into a daydream about when the house was clean and stayed clean.

Anyway, I just use a large 12 ounce cheese shaker for this (I make 2 at a time). You could even re-purpose a Parmesan cheese container. Just anything with a perforated lid will do. I always use lavender essential oil to remind me of a spa instead of the large toy storage building that our home is right now.

THE RECIPE: Lavender Carpet Deodorizer
Makes 24 ounces

3 cups baking soda
30 drops lavender essential oil (or your choice of fragrance)

1. Put soda in a bowl, add drops of oil and stir well. This will fill 2 12 ounce shakers. Store whatever doesn’t fit in the shaker you have in an air tight container.

2. Shake over carpets and allow to sit at least 2 hours before vacuuming.


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