DIY Coat Hangers. Repurposing Thrift Store “Decor”.

After living in our house for 1.5 years, and telling the boys to pick their coats up off the floor 7542 times, I finally found a way to hang coats in the entry. I know, I know–it’s rocket science, right? Well, it’s not a huge entry, they aren’t tall enough to reach the rod in the coat closet, and the place that a traditional floor stand coat hanger is supposed to be is where I have my grandma’s sewing machine cabinet (and it doesn’t hold coats well). I just learned how to end a stitch by hand, and it has made it so much easier then having to pull out the sewing machine every time. So, I’ve been trying to think out of the box for a wall solution, but when I would see a cute hook thingy at a store, they always cost waaaay more than I wanted to pay. And then I would forget and move on to another project (heh).

Enter my last visit to the thrift store. I was perusing the home decor aisles looking for DIY Coat Hangeranything that could be fashioned into a wall mounted coat rack. I spotted a set of 4, $0.99 butterflies–you know the faux-wood plastic ones that were popular back in the day. I thought they looked organic, like free-floating happy hippie butterflies. All they needed was a hook.

Of course, when I got home, I realized I did not have 4 hooks that would work. So, I shopped the garage and my scrap metal recycling bin. Insert a broken metal butterfly pinwheel and a couple wire coat hangers–with this treasure trove, I decided I could cobble together some Lowe's clothes hookhooks. Or, at least I was going to try. Worst case scenario, I knew I could go buy some simple single hooks that are actually meant to hang stuff on (like these from Lowe’s). That’s not as challenging, but probably much more practical.

DIY Coat HangerI cut the hangers and rolled them around a wooden rod until they were the hook shape I wanted, attached the clipped off butterflies from the broken pinwheels, and sprayed them with oil rubbed bronze paint. It could have looked so much better if I applied HVAF but I just made do with what I had easily. The only thing I did to the plastic hippie butterflies was brush a little paint/glaze on them to give a little contrast and boom–4 creative coat hangers that are disguised as just a little something hanging on the wall. Hopefully this will solve my angst of little jackets laying on the floor, at least occasionally. :)

And the finished product…….DIY coat hangers!!! Are they perfect? No. Will they need tweaking? Probably. Will I tweak them even if they do not need tweaking? Quite possibly. But, I’m very happy with the initial result. These little butterflies have lived to fly once again.LOL

DIY Coat Hangers, Butterflies

DIY Coat Hangers, Butterflies












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