DIY Face Wash: Lavender Green Tea

If you saw my last post, you’ll see that I’m still on a DIY face wash kick. After completing the Tea and Honey Face Wash, I decided to make another variety–Lavender Green Tea this time. :)

I tweaked the ratios of oil and soap just to see what would happen, and I like this version better (as I’ve said before, I can’t leave well enough alone!!!). I dropped the castile soap to 1/3 cup (instead of 1/2 cup) and increased the oil by 1 Tbs to 1/4 cup. I guess after all of the “oil cleansing” face washing methods I’ve been hearing about, this recipe seems like a nice middle of the road. Still a traditional face wash, but blended with nourishing oils. It really makes your skin feel pampered while removing makeup like a ninja, whatever that means. LOL

This one uses green tea (actually I had Jasmine green tea in the cabinet so it just smells a little more floral). For essential oils, I only used lavender in this recipe because that’s really all I was looking for in the final product–and it smells wonderful. It makes me think I’m at a spa until I rinse my face off and open my eyes to see little Lego pieces all over the bathroom floor. Heh, a girl can dream…..

Ingredient comparison:

lavender green tea face wash

THE RECIPE: Lavender Green Tea Face Wash
Makes about 8 ounces

1/3 cup strongly brewed green tea
4 Tbs almond oil (1/4 cup)
2 Tbs glycerin
10-15 drops lavender essential oil (depends on how strong of a scent you want)
1/3 cup Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s–I would get the unscented “baby” version for this recipe)

1. Brew 1 tea bag in 1/3 cup water for at least 10 minutes. Add tea, oil, glycerin, honey, and essential oils into a bottle. Shake well.

2. After the tea mixture is combined, add the soap to the bottle, and give it a few good shakes. This contains oil and water, so it will separate back
out. (This one didn’t change colors as dramatically as the Tea and Honey recipe.) Before use, give it another shake to combine. 
It will turn a light honey color when combined and ready to use.

I use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soap–it comes in several scent varieties as well as unscented. Find it at Target here.
For face wash, you really could use just good old olive oil if you don’t have almond.

Almond oil
Castile soap
Lavender essential oil (from my usual Wholesale Supplies Plus)
Lavender essential oil (from Amazon–may be cheaper per ounce, prices fluctuate)

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