Making Kettle Corn

I remember the first time I smelled Kettle Corn. Sugar, corn, steam, oh my!!! It used to be a rare treat, only available at theme parks and standard issue community festivals. That is, until I realized it can be made at home–and I’m not talking about a microwave bag! I mean real kettle corn–only without the giant kettle and open flame (minor detail). I use to make this while I was playing on my computer so I actually didn’t pay much attention to it, you know how it is when you are playing online games, but after a few times I just had to focus and take the time to make it perfect, so I started to re arrange the recipe until it was perfect and  now, it is my go-to, somewhat healthy, sweet/salty snack, and of course it’s great to eat while playing so if you are interested read and try my recipe and check out these online video games if you like them too.

Making popcorn the old fashioned way (in a large lidded pot) or in a popcorn popper (we use a Stir Crazy) keeps the ingredient list low. It also reduces waste (no microwave bag or packaging) and keeps you from eating any plastics that may leach from the bags themselves while cooking. I am considering getting an old school Whirley-Pop since I broke one of the side handles on my Stir Crazy lid, but anyway…

In the rare instance that you do not inhale the entire batch all at once, put what is left it in an air tight container and it will keep for days. I take it with me to work for an afternoon snack when/if that ever happens–you would think I would just make a couple batches–one to eat, one to keep. The good news is that this is super easy and quick to make, so that’s probably why I don’t make extra. And, it’s hard to beat warm kettle corn. Mmmmm……

Ingredient comparison:

kettle corn ingredients

THE RECIPE: Kettle Corn

½ cup popcorn
3-4 Tbs white sugar (I have also used brown)
2-3 Tbs oil (corn, peanut, coconut is the best)

1. Heat oil in medium sized pan until hot.
2. Add popcorn and sprinkle sugar over top.
3. Cover and shake (or stir depending on your popper) continuously until popped.
4. Sprinkle with salt as desired. Enjoy!!!


NOTES:kettle corn fail
I tried a couple different ways of popping this in the microwave–I think the covered bowl might be an option if you heat the oil/sugar first. But, the brown bag was a mess. A hot mess. And not the good kind.  :)




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