Our own version of A Christmas Story

12/24/13: Before bed, we asked the boys which side of the tree they wanted Santa to leave their gifts on so we could leave him a note. The boys were 4 and 2, so the 4 year old was pretty excited about it all and chose the left side. The 2 year old didn’t really know what was going to happen.

12/25/13: 6:00 am–when our version of A Christmas Story begins. The stage is set, but instead of turkey it was the gifts Santa left, and instead of the Bumpus’ hounds it was a very excited 4 year old, Brandon. My sister, Julie, had stayed the night with us and was the first to hear the commotion–she thought Justin was in the kitchen working on breakfast, but then wondered why she kept hearing rapid footsteps and then a door closing over and over. She went to investigate, then came upstairs to brief me about the situation.

Sometime during the night, the 2 year old needed consoling, so I ended up in his bed. I woke up to Julie, 8 inches from my face, saying “Melody”. I opened my eyes, disoriented, confused, and apparently looking like I may kill the unknown person hovering over me when she said “It’s me, Julie”. After a long pause, I’m like “Yes?”, and she said “you are not going to believe what Brandon did”. So we went downstairs together.

Once she guided me to the scene, all I could do was make some kind of squeaking noise. The view of the tree was the first sight–all boxes from the left side were gone and just a few from the right side remained untouched under the tree. She then took me to the kitchen pantry, where only shreds of paper remained of the once wrapped gifts. Apparently he did this one by one, which explains the repeated footsteps and door closings that Julie kept hearing. She asked “are you laughing or crying?”. I’m still not sure what the answer is, but it was probably closest to something commonly heard in an asylum. So, I picked up what scraps of paper I could salvage, and re-wrapped Aaron’s gifts before he got up.

We barely spoke of the incident–Brandon’s reasoning was just way too justifiable for his age: “I guess I was just too excited”, and to his credit, he was being very quiet as to not wake us up too early (something we had been working on). You could see that he had no idea he was supposed to wait. And, we did not clarify that point the night before. I did make a follow up entry in his “Letter to Santa” book so we would not forget what had just happened.

However, I have no doubt this will live on in Wooville infamy……









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  1. Travis Wright

    I can just imagine that disbelief… seeing your kid tear open all of the gifts. That had to mess with your OCD…

    1. hello2mello (Post author)

      There was a brief OCD brain freeze involved. LOL


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