SavingStar–one more way to save money!!!

Just breaking the summer silence with a quick update. I am still doing things for the blog, but will start posting them again when I can’t get outside to burn off my extra energy. :)

Savings to date: $35.06!!!

My most recent redemptions:
07/23/2015 Price Chopper KS Old El Paso® $1.00
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS BUSH’S® Beans $3.00
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS HEALTHY OFFER: Tomatoes $0.32
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS Yoplait® Greek $1.00
07/13/2015 Price Chopper KS FREEBIE: 3 – 4 oz. Ben & Jerry’s® Mini Cup $1.39

In December 2014, I downloaded the SavingStar app on my phone, and uploaded my first receipt.  I go through spurts for utilizing the app as well as I could, but even for a less than dedicated effort, I’m inching toward $40 in savings!!!

And, they have a weekly “Freebie” offer. So far, I’ve seen Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cups, 16 count Lipton tea, Jello Pudding, Jiffy corn bread, hot chocolate–it’s always something different. That. Is. Awesome. So, I signed up for their affiliate program so I could put this on the blog.

I am going to keep a running total of my savings starting from when I enrolled, 12/1/2014.

You can save money on your groceries with nothing to do. SavingStar is the first national fully digital eCoupon service. Nothing to clip, nothing to print! Sign up for a free account at, then enter all your loyalty cards, activate the coupons you want then shop and SavingStar will track your savings.

Sign up for a free SavingStar account today and get eCoupons


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