This Love Note Does Not “Say Momma”…..

The boys were working diligently at the old school desk my Dad worked on a couple weeks before he died. It was the last project he had started and I finished it the weekend before his funeral. I was feeling sentimental, taking their picture, thinking about how much Dad would have enjoyed seeing the boys working together at this charming little desk. And this picture–the lighting, the sweetness of two brothers at this tender age–it was just too much. They were just as busy as they could be–drawing, coloring, practicing their new found writing skills, but most importantly–they were not fighting.  It was a lovely moment in time.

And it was about to end in the most hilarious way possible.

The 5 year old turned around, handed me a love note, and I was subsequently getting a little choked up. I thanked him and told him I loved it.

Ho 2

Then, the 3 year old finished his love note (he is just learning to write letters but not so much words). Of course, he does everything like his older brother, so the composition with the two contrasting post-it notes was the same. He proudly walked over to me and sweetly said “it says Momma”.




Ho 3

It does not say Momma. Which is why this is one of the best love notes of all time. Actions truly do speak louder than words.

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